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Sunday, November 14, 2010

DWWE: The Hardest Challenge Yet!!!

In Season 5 At Backlash. Kane will fight Big Show in a One on One Ladder Match. Kane was forced to compete against him. If Kane Lose's he is fired from the DWWE. If Kane wins he is traded from Smackdown to Raw or ECW. If Big Show wins he becomes #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!! If Big Show lose's he will be traded to Raw or ECW. It's Do Or Die for Kane. Lose and we won't see another a dwwe result from Kane ever again!! Get Ready for a epic ladder match coming Season 5!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6-Man Elimination Chamber Season 5

The Elimination Chamber Season 5 will be the Main Event of Smackdown Show 3. Here are the Six Competitors of the deadly Elimination Chamber.
Season 4 Elimination Chamber Winner....Shawn Michaels!!
The Legend Killer....Randy Orton!!
The Deadman......The Undertaker!!
The DWWE Champion.....John Morrison!!
Enemy of Morrison......The Miz!!
First Season Superstar.....Christian!!
Can HBK do it again?
Can Orton bring home a Elimination Chamber Win?
Can The Deadman take down all the 5 men around him?
Can Morrison Prove why he's the DWWE Champion?
Can The Miz Do It in his First Time in the Chamber?
Can Christian  Do it in his very first DWWE Season?
*Elimination Chamber Facts*
The Elimination Chamber of Season 5 will be the very first Elimination Chamber to not have Batista in it.
The Elimination Chamber of Season 5 will involve three new people to the chamber. Morrison, Christian and The Miz.
Season 5's Elimination Chamber will be Undertaker's 3rd Shot at trying to win the elimination chamber.
Season 5's Elimination Chamber will be Randy Orton's 2nd Shot at trying to win the Elimination Chamber and his first elimination chamber since Season 2.
Thanks for reading this post on the Elimination Chamber of Season 5.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Undertaker Vs Kane Hell in a Cell Coming Soon...

You may of noticed the new blog picture. The Brothers of Destruction are No More. Kane and Undertaker will go Head to Head. One on One. In one of the most deadliest match's in the WWE/DWWE. Kane and Undertaker have also decided they will not be a tag team at Wrestlemania 26 and have given away there title belts.
New World Tag Team Champions: Cryme Tyme(JTG & Shad)
New WWE Tag Team Champions: D-Generation X(Triple H & Shawn Michaels)
The Rivalry began when Undertaker accidently destroyed one of the title belts. They had a Backstage Fight in the Locker Room. Kane got knocked out. Undertaker and Kane will both fight it out inside a cell later this season(Season 4). The Winner will get choose the Opponent's Fate. Traded to Different Brand or Fired from DWWE.
Who Will Win?
Will One of the Greatest DWWE Wrestlers be Fired?
and How Long will this Rivalry Last?
3 Main Questions We Ask Ourselves. The Brothers of Destruction are Now the Enemies of Destruction.
Undertaker vs Kane
Hell in a Cell
Season 4
Match 22
Get Ready for the Most Intense Match of all Time.


In Season 9's Wrestlemania 3. We will lose one title belt from the Big Event. That Title belt is the ECW Championship Belt and also we'll lose the one match type but not really a match type just changed it's name because ECW is gone. ECW Extreme Rules Name will be replaced as Extreme Rules. It will also have it's own Pay-Per-View. Which should be good. So When Smackdown vs Raw 2011's Season's come around. It's going to be great!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Smackdown vs Raw 2011!!

Okay, I rented Smackdown vs Raw 2011 today and i have to say that it is the Best Ever Smackdown vs Raw Game i have ever played. So when Season 7 or 8 comes around for DWWE. Be sure for massive season of SVR11. It's going to be huge!!
Brand New Wrestlers!
Brand New Match Types!
and Brand New Finishers!
SVR11 DWWE is Coming Soon...
Expect it Season 7 or 8.
Let's Hope SVR11 ain't the last one. So if it isn't SVR12 DWWE will be out around Season 10 or 11. and yeah SVR13 Season 13 or 14. So Yeah and onwards. So Every Smackdown vs Raw game i get goes for about 2-3 Seasons. 2 Seasons Mostly.
The Biggest Departure in SVR11 is a Superstar from SVR08, 09 and 10. He has been a in many match's and won most. He is a very talanted superstar is a high flyer. It is Jeff Hardy. That Departure i think is the biggest in DWWE so far..
The Biggest Entry to DWWE is the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. He will be going for the WWE Championship and he is Enemies with the legend killer Randy Orton along with other wrestlers. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 DWWE Coming Soon....
Expect it Season 7, 8 or 9.
Thanks for Reading.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three New Championships in Season 5 and Onwards.

There are going to be Three New Titles added to Season 5 and Onwards. Here are the three.
1. Hardcore Championship(Current Holder: Mr Kennedy)
2. Champion of Champions Championship(Current Holder: Nobody)
NOTE: The Champion of Champions Title is a title for the winner of a triple threat iron man match going for 10-20 minutes long. The Only Three Involved are World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion and ECW Champion. World Heavyweight Champion represents Smackdown. WWE Champion represents Raw and ECW Champion represents ECW.
3. WCW World Heavyweight Championship(Current Holder: Nobody)
WCW World Heavyweight Championship and Hardcore Championship will both be up for grabs at Wrestlemania 2.
NOTE: The Champion of Champions Title Match will not be held at Wrestlemania. It will be held at Night of Champions because of the three champions from Smackdown, Raw and ECW being in serious title match's. So every Night of Champions Event. There will be five great match's and then the Champion of Champions Match to end the Night. Champion of Champions match will go for 20 Minutes. Most Pins by the end of the 20 Minutes wins. That's All on the Three New Championships.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Season 5 Information

Okay from Season 5 and onwards everything will be different. There will be several PPV's. Some are Past WWE PPV's, Some are Current WWE PPV's and Some are just made up. From Season 5 and onwards each season will have 5 PPV's and the Season will be much longer then the last 4 seasons.
The Five PPV's Of Season 5 are:
The Great American Bash
No Way Out
Survivor Series
Elimination Chamber
Elimination Chamber will be in every season. The Other 4 will Change but they will return in a future season. Here is the Order of them in Season 5.
1. Backlash
2. Elimination Chamber
3. The Great American Bash
4. Survivor Series
5. No Way Out
They will be an event featuring superstars from Raw, Smackdown and ECW but they won't be any ordinary event. 1 to 3 match's will have a twist. For Example.
If you Win you walk off with your Title if your champion and is in a championship match but if you lose the other superstar will get the title and you'll be forced to join there team if there in one or they could Put you in a NoDQ Normal Match with the Loser getting fired from DWWE but the loser might return in 1-2 seasons unexpectedly or they might not return.
Another way to explain a twist is this,
You Win the Match and your fired from DWWE. You Lose the match you lose the title and are traded to a different brand like if your on Smackdown you'll be traded to Raw or ECW. These are just a couple twists. So Season 5 and Onwards are going to be huge!